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Cultural heritage

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The Yumbo town

The Yumbos inhabited part of what is today the Chocó Andino de Pichincha Biosphere Reserve, from 800 AD until after the Spanish conquest in 1660.

The legacy of this people can be found in ancestral roads, stories and legends of mythical beings, in their gastronomy and festive traditions, in addition, in the vestiges that demonstrate their extensive knowledge of astronomy and commerce.

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Starting from the Middle of the World City we can find an important and varied cultural offer such as the museums that are in Calacalí, Pomasqui or the Tulipe Site Museum.

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Archaeological remains

Along the roads and trails that visitors travel, there are more than 366 identified archaeological sites.


Popular Festivities and Ceremonies

Festivals and popular festivals.
• Ceremonies (Raymis and themes)

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The delicious cuisine of each population in the Biosphere Reserve has its own characteristics and they keep jealously guarded secrets in their recipes that are passed down from generation to generation. Visitors can taste the delicious heart of palm ceviche, trout, tilapia, fried, dry Creole chicken, exotic tropical fruits as well as cane and its derivatives.

El pueblo Yumbo
Vestigios Arqueológicos
Fiestas Populares y Ceremonias
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